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Format: Hardcover
Sunny Kobe Cook
shares proven techniques to grow any business through your staff. Told in an entertaining style, you will learn practical tips you can put to work in your company today! These ideas, which she has learned throughout her business career, helped build Sleep Country USA into a regional - and North American - success story.

Discover how Sunny was able to build tremendous loyalty among office personnel, delivery, warehouse staff and professional sales people. Voted "Best Place to Work in Washington" repeatedly, Sunny's methods of enabling ordinary employees to achieve record-breaking results and growth are easy and inexpensive (or free)!


The Upside of a Downturn

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Format: Audio CD

Some businesses thrive in a down market.
Sunny Kobe Cook, founder of Sleep Country USA and award winning Northwest entrepreneur believes a tough economy is your opportunity. No matter how bad the news is, it can be good for your business.

She will share important areas to focus on so you too can find a lot of "up" side to an economic down turn.

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Format: Hardcover

Do you or someone you know lack a 4 year college degree? You are not alone, in fact 75% of U.S. adults do not have college degrees including some of the most successful. Sunny Kobe Cook does not have a degree and always felt embarassed, changing the subject whenever she was asked about her education. After reading this book, she realized she had done everything suggested in this book, she had in fact orchestrated her success.

"I liked the book so well, I married the author" Sunny Kobe Cook

Seizing Serendipity
Are You Ready to be Extraordinary?

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Format: Audio CD
Sure; you are a wiz at work, a magician with the household budget, a confidant to family and friends but is that all there is to life? Do you have secret ambitions, goals and dreams lying dormant somewhere in the back of your mind? Is there more you would like to do? Places you would like to see? Experiences you would like to have?
An Extraordinary Life is not made possible by money - rather by a series of simple choices you can begin making TODAY. Sunny Kobe Cook has lived just such a life from her humble beginnings in the Midwest to her well-known place in the Pacific Northwest. She has traced her success to some very basic steps anyone can take. Where those steps will lead you is anyone's guess, but it's certainly going to make for an interesting journey.